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Mark Mullinix

Mark Mullinix


Loyalty Advantage Pte Ltd


Managing Director


Travel Loyalty


Mark Mullinix is founder and Managing Director of Loyalty Advantage, a Singapore based full-service consulting and technology company focused on building effective travel industry and multi-segment programs. Loyalty Advantage has worked with clients throughout Asia, including the ground-up design and implementation of the reward-U loyalty program for HK Express/U-FLY Alliance in 2015-2016. Mark has personally led or contributed to projects with airlines such as ANA, JAL, Cathay Pacific, Jet Airways, and Thai Airways, and large coalition programs such as Payback (Germany) and Rabbit Rewards (Thailand).

Prior to Loyalty Advantage, Mark was responsible for business development, credit card strategy, and rewards and product development for American Express, specializing in loyalty and rewards partnerships across Asia. Mark’s passion for loyalty has been developed over the past 15 years of extensive travel and engagement with the sector, including work with leading Canadian and UK coalition programs.

Mark holds a degree in Psychology and Sociology from Dartmouth College (USA) and an MBA from INSEAD (Singapore).

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